We want to contribute to a more sustainable world and encourage a circular economy, so we give a new use to bikinis from 38 GRAUS that you no longer wear.

How does it work?

If you have a 38 GRAUS bikini that you don’t use anymore, send it to us: we will resell it on our website and you get a 30€ discount to buy a new one. 



What’s the process?

1. First things first. Please keep in mind that you are giving a second life to your bikini, so it needs to be in perfect condition to be reused: clean, in good used condition, with all seams and accessories,…

2. Go to our store 38 GRAUS STUDIO at Rua do Poço dos Negros, 124, 1200-337 Lisboa or drop us a message at so you can ship it to us – we will pay for that shipping. 

3. After receiving it we will evaluate if it is according to our standards to be resold and hence, part of the Second Life.

4. Once confirmed, you get a 30€ OFF promocode valid for 1 year to buy a new 38 GRAUS bikini, that will be emailed to you to the data shared with us.


Please note

Only 38 GRAUS bikinis are accepted. They can be from any collection, as long as they respect our standards to be resold. 

Feedback regarding the product acceptance in our Second Life project can take up to 20 days – we promise we’ll work faster than that according to demand.

No exchanges or returns will be accepted for these items.

In the case where we evaluate that the product is not in a good condition to be resold, we will send it back to you by the same means it was delivered. If it takes more that 30 days for the product to be collected, or we miss the information to be shipped back, we will assume there’s no interest in it and we will keep it.  

Our promotions are non cumulative. The 30€ discount promocode is valid for 1 year but cannot be used on top of any other kind of promotion. 

The promocode is valid for one purchase only, for one user, and only on our website. 

The Second Life campaign is only available at website.