We are a Portuguese beachwear brand, created in 2017. We believe that every woman has her own design and should be proud of it. The marks on your skin tell a story that should continue to be lived, through memories, moments and new adventures, between dips in the sea, salty hair, ice creams and beers at sunset.

Our patterns are designed by us and produced in small factories specialising in swimwear. We value the mix of bright colours, textures and models with the ideal fit in unique pieces. Our purpose is to inspire women in the freedom of their bodies.

38 GRAUS, drawing stories on underwater bodies.

What we believe


We are committed to the quality of our pieces. Water, sea and salt force us to be demanding when it comes to the durability of our materials. We believe that less is more and simplicity makes each piece special in its own way, while keeping sophistication a priority.


We don't like the ordinary, which is why all our pieces are hand-drawn. We are inspired every day to create different and innovative solutions, prioritising fashionable and comfortable pieces for different body types.


We believe in sustainable production and respect the planet's resources as much as possible. We encourage the circular economy with our Second Life project, where we sell second-hand 38 GRAUS bikinis. We direct our efforts towards manual production, in the process of choosing fabrics, in the packaging used, always aiming to be an increasingly conscious company.


Marta Oliveira

Founder, Creative Director

"I created 38 GRAUS in 2017 with the aim of bringing to the market bikinis with simple cuts but which at the same time would win over with their strong colour patterns and which would quickly stick in people's minds, I felt there was this gap in the market. I quickly realised that a bikini with personality brings confidence to many women who used to feel too exposed and uncomfortable with their bodies. Today I feel that we have an increasingly important role to play in making all women feel beautiful and light on the beach and that's why I feel really fulfilled to be able to bring such an important project to life."


Inês Pereira da Costa

Co-Owner, Strategy & Business

"I see 38 GRAUS as a great opportunity to put an end to many of the discomforts I grew up with. Summer is my favourite time of year, when I can see that people are happy and light-hearted with the simplest things like the sun, the sea and the sand. Not being able to experience summer to the fullest because of certain stereotypes and body discomforts saddens me, and my purpose is to be part of a brand that enables all women to feel free and beautiful every time they put on a bikini, at whatever stage of life they are in. We all have different marks, we all have different bodies, and that's what makes each of us special. After all, there's nothing more beautiful than a woman who is confident and proud of her story."


Joana Machado

CO-Owner, Ops & E-commerce

"The swimwear market is super funky and has a lot to explore. 38 GRAUS is a brand that takes risks, full of colour and life, where our challenge is to colour Portuguese beaches and beyond, but also to give confidence to those who wear our bikinis. We design our collections with all body types in mind, so that all women can find fits that suit them. We are 3 partners, with 3 completely different bodies, and this helps us to understand the different needs that arise throughout the creation process. We're very proud to see the colourful beaches with 38 GRAUS"