about the brand

about us

38 GRAUS is a swimwear brand created in Portugal, in 2017. It was born to make women feel confident, comfortable and fashion everytime they need to put a swimwear on by finding the right fit in unique fashionable pieces. 

It is inspired by the quality fabrics and shapes of brazil, created by unique hand designed patterns drawn by us, and  produced in Portugal by swimwear expert factories.

We want to enable every expression of a body to live summer at its most and explore it as much as they can, by creating the right swimwear outfit that gives the confidence to each woman to just seize the hot days as they should.


We are a swimwear brand, but not just one more. We’re resistant to high temperatures and to everything that doesn’t last. We’re made for a life in the sunshine, sand and salt. We’re there for every moment, and for every movement. We live for the ice creams, sea dips and sunset beers. We are for every body and every expression. We are good energy. We are bodies of salt and souls of sugar. We are the plain and eternal summer, and we want summer forever. 

We value the mixing of vivid colours, textures and the unexpected formats. Every pattern is uniquely hand designed by us and our production is made in Portugal. We wish we could dress up for the beach every day of the year, that the warmth of the sun would last forever with all the joy that it brings. 

We are 38 GRAUS: rise the temperature.

our values

Timeless / We focus on the quality of our pieces. Water, sea and salt require us to be critical of the durability of materials. We believe that less is more and simplicity makes each piece special in its own way, keeping sophistication as a priority.

Unique / We don't like the ordinary and that's why all our pieces are hand-designed. We get inspired everyday to create different and innovative solutions.

Sustainable / We believe in sustainable production and respect the planet's resources as much as we can. We encourage the re-use of our products with our Second Life project where we sell second hand 38 Graus bikinis. We direct our efforts towards manual production, in the process of choosing fabrics, in the packaging used, always aiming to be an increasingly conscious business.