Ville Balnéaire

Ville Balnéaire

‘Ville Balnéaire’ way of living is not just a lifestyle; it's a philosophy of embracing the rhythms of coastal existence with grace and gusto. Mornings happen to be slow and are greeted with the salty kiss of ocean air, setting the tone for a day filled with seaside walks, freshly caught seafood and basking in the warmth of the sun. As the day unfolds, cobblestone streets come alive with the chatter and the laughter of locals. At the heart of it all are the women, who move through each day with a sense of confidence and poise, embracing the freedom and authenticity that comes with living by the sea.

In our SS24 collection, we celebrate these women and the spirit of "Ville Balnéaire" living. Each swimsuit is designed to capture the essence of coastal chic, empowering women to embrace their own unique journey with style and sophistication. Our collection ensures that you'll always feel confident and beautiful, wherever the tide may take you.


38 GRAUS + Pilar do Rio
38 GRAUS + Rita Montezuma

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