38 Graus

pause, together

Today, more than yesterday, more than ever, we feel the need to write to you, we need to explain to you what is happening on this side, we need to open our hearts to all those who follow us, who from the first day believed in us, who visit us every summer, who dress us on the beaches of the whole world and who today carefully keep us in their drawers, until the day they open their doors for us to live again what we have always taken for granted.

Today they ask us to stay at home, they ask us not to see who we like the most, they ask us to close our doors to the opportunity to see our business flourish, they ask us to try to keep ‘this’ alive from afar. Our hope, our faith, our determination. Not to give up and continue to fight for what we have created, for what we have made grow and watered with much love, so that it never fails, and more than anything: it never fails you!

Today we woke up and asked ourselves ‘how many on that side feel this virus on their skin?’ This virus that so subtly entered the lungs of so many who are fighting for their lives and who overnight stopped seeing tomorrow, there nothing more important than our health, and it is for the health of all that we are fighting today. And that’s how this virus arrived, not only for the health of many, but for the dreams of all, without leaving anyone out.

It took away our work, it took away our smile, it took away our hugs but it didn’t take away our hope. We are not here to tell you everything you already know, we are here to tell you that you are not alone, that this country is very strong, that we are going to get back on our feet, that we are going to go back to the beach, that we are going to feel the salt of the sea on our skin again and that we on this side are working, for us and for you. We are further away but closer and closer, working every day to give you a lot of colour the first day you put your feet back on that sand.


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