38 Graus

38 graus

We are a bikini brand, but not just another one. We are very durable to temperature conditions and to that which doesn’t last. We don’t want a life without sunshine, and especially without salt. We are there for your every moment as well as your every movement. Refreshed by the ice cream, by diving in the waves, by the beer at the end of the day. We are 38 graus: Hot without burning, salty but not too much, we are the everlasting summer. We favour every body and every expression. We are good vibes. We are bodies of salt. We are the plain and eternal summer, and we want summer forever.

38 GRAUS brings good vibes and seeks levity beyond holidays. It is warm and conscious, sustainable and adaptable. How we wish we could dress up for the beach every day of the year, that the heat of the sun came to stay and that everything that is good about the warmth, would last forever.


Timeless / We focus on the quality of our pieces. The water, the sea, and the salt make us critical when it comes to material durability.

Different / We don’t like what is ordinary, and it inspires us to come up with different and innovative solutions every day.

Simple / We believe that less is more, and that simplicity turns every piece special in its own way, keeping sophistication as its top priority.