mavi, photographer

mavi, photographer

Mavi is a freelance photographer born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. We invited her to take some shots of 38 Graus through her own eyes: as a good carioca soul she chose to take us on a journey around the beach, surrounded by its natural beauty.


‘Photography has always been very present in my life, and it became even more relevant when my ex-boss and friend gave me an analog camera’

 ‘Analog photography made me see what surrounds me in another perspective. Nature, the beach and the sea inspire me and really give me joy to photograph - and I’m very lucky to live in the most beautiful city in the world.’

‘My favourite time to photograph is the first and last hour of the day, where the light is very natural and with the perfect colour, the famous golden hour.’

‘For this shooting I wanted to show a place that everyone in Rio has already been someday, which is the Posto 10 beach in Ipanema.’ 

‘There wasn’t a lot of planning, we went with the flow, and as a very carioca way of being, everyone started to help and participate somehow. People working on the beach tents for instance, helped bring to the scene the elements that define Rio’s beach.’

‘A perfect summer day for me in Rio is to go to São Conrado beach early in the morning, I surf, then my friends and family come and join me and we spend the whole day there. At sunset we go to Soga right in front of the beach, to have a beer and listen to good music.’  

Thank you Mavi for sharing your passion with us <3

Photographer: @mvfontenelle

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